We're proud of our legacy, but holding onto a logo and identity past its time has held us back. So we thought it was time to reintroduce ourselves. Say hello to our new brand mark, it's not just our name, it's our signature. A stronger and bolder representation that signifies who we are.

We stand behind our purpose with new boldness. Meet our brand symbol, it's simply powerful yet powerfully simple. Embodied within our values that were inspired by the true nature of sports, that every game has its own place and every point earns its own score. The mirrored R means you, and yes it's true that it is you who truly rock our world. Propelling us boldly into the future.

We've re-equipped our identity system. We made a custom-designed typeface; easy to read on any device.

We have a new video and photography style that features athletes and everyday inspiring people. More stylish, dynamic, and vibrant.

So when anyone asks us what Skor does as a media.

We connect people as content producers, to begin marking our new phase as a platform for a network of creators. A captivating sports related content platform that entertains people.


  • Chief Operating Officer: Amanda Syarfuan
  • Head of Program & Creative Network: Eno Bening
  • Head of Creative/Skor Agency: Arif Primas
  • Editorial & Non-Motion Content Operations: Jalu Wisnu Wirajati
  • Liga Top Skor/Skor Stars Management: Yusuf Kurniawan
  • Content Managers: Aprelia Wulansari, Fazar Zulfachmi, Arista Budiyono
  • Sales & Marketing: Fauzia Damayanti
  • Finance & GA: Eddy